Turf Watering Guide – JHC Garden & Landscape

Turf Watering Guide

Lay your turf as soon as possible, and always ‘water in’ straight away.

This is especially important during summer.

Turf is a living organism and it can take a few weeks for the roots to establish and knit into the ground.

It is crucial that your turf is watered to keep it as moist as possible during this time to stop it

drying out. Particular care and attention should be given to the edges of the turf, and on the joins.

If the turf dries out it can cause ‘shrinkage’ and the edges can curl up.

Water your turf often.

Water your turf at least twice a day in the first week for at least 7 minutes with an even spray all over. This can usually be reduced to once a day in week 2, but use common sense – if the conditions are very warm and dry then water more frequently.

Avoid watering during the warmest part of the day.

Morning and nights are ideal times to water your turf as the temperatures aren’t too high.

This allows the water to get absorbed into the roots, rather than to evaporate.

Watering during the warmest part of the day can burn the grass.